Manufactured under license from the original manufacturer, the Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. company exceptionally crafted airsoft sniper replica of semi-automatic anti-materiel rifle Long Range Sniper Rifle (LRSR), Caliber .50, M107. 

This model is powered with CO2 gas loaded separately into each of the shells separately, same like the 8 mm BB rounds. After each shot shell is ejected from a replica which significantly increases the realism of its use. In set comes CO2 adapter for one 12g cartridge or, after removing its lower part, for CO2 12oz container. 

This weighing more than 10 kg replica is made almost entirely of steel and aluminum (RIS rail, barrel and flash hider). Made of rubber are carrying handle, stock handle and stock and monopod endings. Grip is made of durable composite with non-slip texture. 

The design consists of three parts: bolt, the bottom one - lower receiver connected to the stock, and the upper one - outer barrel connected with the upper receiver. On the body are placed original markings. 

On the upper part of the body is placed 605 mm long 20 mm RIS rail with attached steel carrying handle. In the front of the rail is hidden folding front sight. On the other side is provided a foldable and adjustable rear sight. 

Flutted Barrel is ended with massive compensator. 

Under the barrel is attached folding bipod with adjustable length legs and big feet with anti-slip double teeth. Under the butt is placed adjustable monopod. 

The set includes a magazine with a capacity of 10 shells. However, the manufacturer recommends loading up only 8, 9 shells. 

The set is packed with high-quality, solid composite case with compartments for different parts of the replica and an optional second magazine and silencer.


  • Model: Barrett M107
  • Manufacturer: Socom Gear 
  • Caliber: 8mm 
  • Action: Shell Gas Blowback EJECTING 
  • Power: CO2 
  • Energy: 1.5J 
  • Length: 144 cm 
  • Barrel length: 73.7 cm 
  • Material: metal 
  • Weight: 10,4kg 
  • Magazine: Real Cap, 10 shells
  • HopUp: Yes, adjustable 
  • Fire selector: Safe / Fire 
  • Color: Black  

€ 1.549,90



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