The Mesh Concealment Vest is made to be worn under a plainclothes jacket like our Tactical and Monterey Jackets for undercover duty or as an emergency or call-out vest. For emergency or call-out use, keep it loaded with your gear and stashed in the trunk or someplace secure until you need it. The MCV comes with four Back-Up Belt System pouches and is compatible with the complete BBS™ system as seen below. The MCV comes with a baton pouch, a single magazine pouch, a cuff pouch and a radio pouch with keeper. Adjusts to fit a wide range of body sizes and builds. Black nylon with hook-and-loop adjustments.


  • Large Velcro panels
  • 2 hidden pockets
  • Wire guides at back neck
  • Belt clips for added security
  • Adjustable removable chest closure
  • Radio pouch with keeper, expandable baton pouch, cuff pouch, and double mag pouch included
  • High-impact Duraflex plastic accessories
  • Material: 100% nylon
  • Weight: 580g

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