Airsoftshop Custom Cyma AK47.

Built by our trusted technicians to fit your needs. 

The set includes (already built in and tested!):

GATE TITAN V3 Advanced Set

  • Trigger sensitivity
  • Pre-cocking boost
  • Fire Selector mode 
  • Burst mode
  • Rate of Fire 
  • Low Battery Warning 
  • Battery Protection
  • Sniper delay 

BD Custom 100:200 Super High Speed 3 Bearing Gear Set

  • Durable high speed shooting. 

Guarder Stainless Steel Cylinder AK

  • Better airseal
  • Cylinder is adjusted to barrel 

Guarder Half Teeth Polycarbonate Piston

  • Stronger and durable 

Guarder Polycarbonate Ventilation Piston Head

  • Better and consistent airseal 

Ultimate 7mm Ball Bearings

  • Smoot and more silent shooting

Lonex Revolution Durable High Speed Motor

  • Fast shooting and better trigger response

Action Army 6.03 AEG Barrel 455mm

  • Precion barrel 

Tokyo Marui Hop Up Rubber

  • For getting better precision shots

FireFly Namazu Flat Hop Nub

  • For those long range shots

Guarder Spring SP90

  • Downgraded at 350 PS


€ 669,90



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