Airsoftshop Custom Specna Arms SA-B01.

Our technicians did a small hopup/range performance upgrade. 

Specna Arms brand SA-B01

  • quick main spring exchange system, the so-called Enter & Convert
  • 8mm ball bearings
  • type 2 cylinder
  • top 22mm RIS rail
  • adjustable stock
  • 14mm counter-clockwise thread
  • Downgraded to 350FPS 

Madbull 6.03 Steel Bull 363mm Tightbore Barrel

  • Rock solid stainless steel 
  • Immaculate stainless steel finish 
  • Super smooth polish 
  • Increased precision 
  • Highest quality 

Maxx Model CNC Alu M4 Hopup Chamber ME - Pro

  • with BB Latching System
  • precision rotary dial design
  • CNC Aluminum R-Hop Arm

Tokyo Marui Hop Up Rubber

  • Original Bucking from
  • Precision made 
  • Perfect bedding

FireFly Namazu Flat Hop Nub

  • Made for long range shots 

€ 359,90



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