Auto Ordnance 1911 Victory Girl Full Metal GBB

by Armorer Works

Armor Works Auto Ordnance 1911 Victory Girl Full Metal GBB.

It is with Great Honor and privilege to Announce our Exclusive and Exciting new project with Cybergun. The "Auto Ordnance Custom" 1911 Series. As part of Auto Ordnance's ongoing series of custom 1911's paying tribute to the men and women who supported America's drive towards victory in World War II.

On release, these officially licensed products will have 3 separate Models to choose from in which each has a unique WW2 origins story to pay tribute to.


  • Officially Licensed by Auto Ordnance
  • Authentic and Iconic 1911 designs
  • Real wood textured Grip with U.S Logo marking
  • Slightly Weathered body to give you that “Combat Used” feel (you can further weather it as you please)
  • Grip and Thumb Saftey
  • Full metal internals/slide and lower frame
  • Pistol weight and Blowback Action both Satisfying
  • The Famous American Star symbol engraved on the slide
  • Slide designed to look like Steel plate Armor surface
  • “Gunmetal” paint used to give that real steel feel to it
  • Lanyard Attachment area at bottom of Grip
  • Victory Girls - Engraved slide design of a “pin-up” girl on the right side, and an updated "Rosie the Riveter" on the left

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