Hi-Capa High Flow Nozzle Valve with Valve Spring

by COWCOW Technology

CowCow Technology Hi-Capa High Flow Nozzle Valve with Valve Spring.

A new design nozzle valve which can smooth and enhance gasflow. It also minimises the gas loss to fasten the entire cycling. 100% CNC machined with 7075 Aluminum. Each packing serves with 2 different options of valve spring. CCT Nozzle Valve Spring constructed with high strength spring steel and hard coating to enhance it durability and stability. 2 different lengths of spring option lets professional user able to equip the proper one to optimise the performance. White Blue Spring is pre-set as balance on Joule power and recoil. Black spring is around 10% increment on Joule power.


  • Aluminum 7075 material with CNC machined
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Durable construction prevents flexing and warping under hard use
  • Design to smoothing gasflow and minimizing gas loss
  • Anti-scratch and Anti-freeze
  • Perform smooth and consistent cycling
  • Serves with CCT Nozzle Valve Spring

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