PinkMood Hi-Capa Enhanced Loading Nozzle

by COWCOW Technology

PinkMood Enhanced Loading Nozzle 


  • Injection molded polymer construction
  • Designed and recommended for advanced players
  • High impact resistance
  • Superb performance, air seal and durability
  • The vale pin lock is more durable and stable than the traditional design
  • Increase nozzle diameter to 14mm which effectively improves the performance.
  • Use a new generation non-rotating valve
  • Including nozzle & valve pin lock.
  • Not compatible with stock TM nozzle valve and valve block
  • For TM Hi-Capa & 1911

**Important Notice**

It may has a condition that your pistol cannot feed the BB bullet due to lightweight gas supply. You just simple remove a spacer to solve the issue. Alternatively, you may consult your gunsmith for advancing fitting to solve this issue as well.

Increasing in FPS can be achieved; however, it may require other parts to collaborate and advanced skill is needed. improper installation / fitting can shorten the life of the product.

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