G&P M63A1 Tactical Rail Version.

You heart will certainly beat faster when holding the Mk.23! Once again, G&P creates a marvelous weapon, which is a new milestone in the history of airsoft gun production. You will not find any other LMG (Light Machine Gun) that is this powerful, this reliable and so beautifully designed at such a fair price. While being tested with a 9.6V battery, the gun performed a magnificent 1200 shots per minute firing rate at an astonishing 400fps! As the magazine can hold 1200 rounds, it is far easier to handle compared to other LMG mags, due to its compactness and simple design.


  • Hop-Up: Adjustable
  • Shooting Mode: Semi and full automatic
  • Magazine capacity: 1200 rds
  • Length: 930 mm
  • Inner barrel length: 440 mm
  • Thread: 14mm CW
  • Motor: Long
  • Connection: T-Plug
  • Caliber: 6mm
  • MOSFET: No
  • Gearboxversion: 2
  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Power: 395 FPS 
  • No Battery / Charger

€ 749,90



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