Bifrost Tracer Module


    Bifrost is a professionally made tracer module designed by Acetech for spring, AEG, HPA, and GBB airsoft replicas.

    Manufactured with high-quality materials and components, Bifrost is an out-of-the-box ready tracer module compatible with multiple mock silencers. The unit is installed in a fake suppressor device and has a diameter of 28mm, length of 54mm, and weight of 30g. The illuminating unit irradiates both green and gel BBs and works up to 35 rounds per second.
    Bifrost works in three modes - the tracer mode that irradiates the BBs, the flame mode that mimics the muzzle flash of a real weapon, and the combination of both. Tracer and flame mode imitates the visual effect of the tracer ammunition and muzzle flashes during live fire. Additionally, both tracer and flame modes are adjustable RGB adjustable to easily change the color or mix them in a rainbow fashion.
    The integrated Li-Po battery is charged via a USB type C port and is non-replaceable. Intelligent Power Control and Shake and On system reduces power drain and prolongs battery life. Low-power indicator diode is placed on the tracer unit for convenience.

    Bifrost is compatible with the Thor, Predator Mk III, and Raider silencer outer shells.



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    Bifrost Tracer Module
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    Bifrost Tracer Module
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