Shadow 2 4.5mm Steel BB Airgun


    Designed by top tier competition shooters, the Shadow 2 is well balanced handgun made for speed and precision. The ASG CZ Shadow 2 4.5mm airpistol takes from its real steel counterpart and delivers on all the same great features. The slide is crafted out of anodised aluminium and features a less rounded and more angled design with a slight weight increase due to the wider slide. The added weight and design of the slide improves recoil management and allows greater precision shooting.

    Deeper and more pronounced slide serrations on the slide furnish the shooter with a firmer grip when racking the slide. In addition, the pronounced chequering of the front and back grips when combined with the thinner profile CNC machined zinc shells, promote a better wrap around the pistol grip. The Shadow 2 trigger guard has also been extended for easier trigger access and a superior shooting experience when wearing gloves.

    The fully licensed Shadow 2 also features a new grip angle cut which deepens at the beaver tail along with a new undercut at the trigger guard. These grip cuts allow the Shadow 2 to sit more firmly in the shooters hand and promotes better recoil management.

    An enlarged magazine catch is adjustable with three available positions that can be set using only a hex key. The magazine catch also has a more pronounced outwards profile, giving the shooter a positive confirmation when pressing the release catch. The Shadow 2 recoil spring guide is made out of high quality stainless steel for durability.

    The Shadow 2 comes with a fibre optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. Powered by a CO2 cartridge located in the 17 round steel BB magazine, the Shadow 2 delivers a hard consistent kick with every shot.  
    Designed to be a class dominating competition shooters pistol from the ground up, the ASG CZ Shadow 2 is a firm favourite with airgun target shooters worldwide.

    Real Steel History

    The modern CZ Shadow 2 is a sidearm with a heritage that goes back to the 1970s with its predorcessor - the CZ75. It's fundamental pistol configuration something that has stood the test of time. 

    The CZ75 saw plenty of Cold War action, ending up being used in a raft of outsfits across Eastern Europe from security to the milatary.

    Today, the semi-automatic 9mm Shadow 2 makes its living as an impressive competition weapon drawing on its roots to be regarded as a well-balanced and well-built precison sports shooter.



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    Shadow 2 4.5mm Steel BB Airgun
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    Shadow 2 4.5mm Steel BB Airgun
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