Camo Pen (Olive)


    Camo Pen Camo Pen (Olive).

    QUICK: With CAMO-PEN it is possible to have a fully custom painted gun(rifle) in about 1 hour.....Yes you read that right! One hour and you can have a dry to the touch, multi coated, multi color, custom paint job! Smaller items can be done even faster! The CAMO-PEN paint is dry to touch in just a few minutes and with the pen like design, custom work is as simple as drawing on your gear!  ​​

    CLEAN: CAMO-PEN's unique design means you won't make a mess and have paint spilling all over. Also you can paint your gun anywhere without worrying about fumes from spray paint or putting down big drop clothes!

    EASY: There is no paint brush to deal with, no cans, no hassle! Just pick up your CAMO-PEN and go! Once you are done, just pop the cap back on and save the rest of your paint for later. With our custom designed stencils you can make great patterns in minutes!

    LOW COST: You can pick up a CAMO-PEN set or even one color for a fraction of the cost of spray paints or custom shop paint jobs. Also you are not wasting half the paint on your project like you do with spray paints!

    TEXTURE: CAMO-PEN's unique design allows you to sponge texture the paint job. This results in a unparalleled grip surface on your gear as well as less light reflection due to the shadowing effect of the texture! Who doesn't want to have a better grip on their gun, radio or any gear you have?



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    Camo Pen (Olive)
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    Camo Pen (Olive)
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