T4E .43 Powderballs Pink 500rds

by Umarex

Umarex T4E .43 Powderballs Pink 500rds

Bag of 100 .43 caliber/11mm dry dust balls!  Fits all .43 caliber markers including the Kingman Eraser & Chaser training pistols and RAP4 markers. Features a waterproof biodegradable shell and high visibility, and a non-toxic, non-staining powder fill.  Creates a cloud of 'dust' on impact!  Unlike normal Paintballs, these Powderballs can be stored and used in extreme temperatures (unlike Paintballs!). Bag of 100 balls.  Two-tone pink and yellow shell.

Note: these are the small 11mm balls. They will NOT fit in a regular paintball marker or the .50 cal markers, ONLY the training pistols, grenades and other .43 caliber markers


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