Tasmanian Tiger Equipment Belt MKII

Combination of tactical inside and outside belts. The 43 mm outside belt has a Cobra® buckle by AustriAlpin, while the Velcro-attached 38 mm inside belt has a Velcro closure.

Caution! We would like to point out that the belt we offer is a safety belt that is not meant to replace professional mountaineering equipment!


  • Four sizes
  • Length of the outside and inside belts is adjustable:
    • size S from min. 80 - max. 90cm
    • size M from min. 95 - max. 105cm
    • size L from min. 110 - max. 120cm
    • size XL from min. 125 - max. 135cm
  • Inner belt can be worn separately as a belt for trousers
  • 43mm width 

€ 65,00



Sorry, not available at the moment.